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Saint Charles Borromeo

With your guide, discover this Baroque gem from the 17th century... Also visit the Chapel of the Virgin Mary and go behind the scenes into the crypts and Sacristy. Through a - once - secret passage you will then descend The Ruien to enjoy the underground corridor system where the medieval vaults reveal their secrets step by step.

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We have put together an interesting educational package especially for schools. The school visits consist of an exclusive underground visit to the "Chapel" with an experienced guide.
The pupils gain insight into the "underbelly" of the city thanks to an informative exhibition . History & urban development, ecology & economy, biology, architecture, stories and myths... it's all there! 

After confirmation of the visit, an educational package is sent via e-mail. Based on these materials, a visit to The Ruien can be included in the curriculum.


€460 for a group of up to 20 participants, accompanied by a professional guide.

If you want to book this walk for a small group or just for yourself, please choose the individual formula.

Number of participants?

There is a maximum of 20 places per time slot.


You can book a combination guided visit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 pm. 

Reservations can be made up to 21 days before the visit.

* No visits possible during church services

Duration of the visit? 

+/- 120 minutes. Keep in mind that changing clothes after the walk may take an extra ten minutes or so.

For whom? 

Anyone from 10 years onwards who is up for a tough and sometimes muddy walk.

Where and how? 

The combi visit starts at the entrance of the Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk, Hendrik Conscienceplein 11, 2000 Antwerp, where the guide will be waiting for you. It ends at the Stadsmagazijn, Keistraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

For the descent to The Ruien , visitors will receive a protective suit, boots and a backpack to store shoes and other personal items during the walk. No possessions can be left behind on the spot.


It is possible to have a guide for your group in Dutch, English, German or French. Please state the desired language clearly during the reservation process.

Please read our general terms and conditions. For further questions, please contact the Ruihuis.